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Quality Policy

Eco World Co., Ltd. manufactures, processes, and sells special mattresses suited for comfortable living. We also produce 100% recyclable products by taking environmental issues into consideration. We study business process and conduct business in environmentally friendly ways. We establish the following quality policy and ensure that all employees implement the policy, maintain the quality, and continually improve so that customers and employees are provided with comfortable lifestyles.

We manufacture, process, and sell special mattresses (reticulated structure) and contribute to the society by designing, planning, and commercializing products by taking the people's health/safety and the environment into consideration.

  1. 1,We will set up and review a quality target to achieve our quality policy.
  2. 2,We will implement a policy through quality management system to meet the needs and the expectations of our customers.
  3. 3,We will continuously improve our quality management system to maintain and increase our customer satisfaction.
  4. 4,We will address the environmental issues fully and realize a business model where customers participate in environmental activities.
  5. 5,Our products are used by customers ranging from children to senior citizens. Therefore, in order to commercialize our products that can be used with confidence, we have built a system that receives feedback and inquiries from customers.

CEO Yukari Eguchi