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Personal Information Protection Policy

Eco World Co., Ltd. recognizes that protecting the customers' personal information is our social responsibility as well as our policy for promoting corporate business with trust from the society. We take care of the proper management and use of customers’ personal information and implements the following.

Managing Personal Information

We select a person in charge of the customers' personal information and manage properly it according to the company's regulation on the personal information protection.

Objective of use and collection scope

When we request a customer's personal information, including name, address, phone number, and email address, we will inform the customer of the purpose and contact point in advance.

Use of personal information

We request personal information for the following reasons:

・To reply to a customer request.
・For receiving an order and other related communication.
・For delivering a product and related communication.
・To provide maintenance services.
・To send direct mail and email regarding the introduction of products and services.
・To conduct a statistical study for marketing, service improvement, and product development of our group.
・To inform customers of otices such as various campaigns.
・To register member services such as point cards.

Ban on supply/disclosure to a third party

We will not supply or disclose customers' personal information without a justified reason which the customer has agreed to such action or when such action is required by law.

Supervising subcontractors

We supervise subcontractors to achieve the objectives, which a customer has agreed. We ensure that each subcontractor will employ best practices when a customer discloses personal information through an agreement.

Ensuring and improving information security

We strive to ensure and improve information security to prevent leak, loss, and falsification of any customer's personal information.

Training and Education

We provide training and education to all officers and employees so that everyone understands the importance of the protection of personal information; therefore, the customer’s personal information is handled carefully.

Addressing disclosure/revision of personal information

We will not supply or disclose customers' personal information to a third party except for any of the following reasons:

・When such disclosure is required by law and other regulation.
・When responding to a customer’s inquiry and it is determined that it is best that our corporate company should answer directly to the inquiry.
・When such information is supplied and shared with a corporate company after taking proper protective measures.
・When a customer’s agreement is obtained in advance.
・When it is necessary to prevent serious damage to life, health, asset, and others of the customer.
・When such disclosure is required by a public authority in accordance with the law.

When a customer desires his/her own information to be disclosed or revised, we will comply with the request within a rational period and scope upon confirming the identity of the customer.

Continuous review and improvement

We comply with laws and other regulations related to personal information protection and will continuously review and improve the ways we address personal information protection as social environment changes.