E-CORE, 3-dimensional (3-D) structure, Eco-World, Cushion, Mattress

Product Introduction

Mattresses for use in medical and nursing care

In addition to its general use, E-CORE mattress is registered with “the Association for Technical Aids” for medical and nursing care use. This mattress distributes the body pressure evenly and thus puts less load on the hips and the shoulders. This mattress can be washed in water easily at home. These products are also used for general purposes.

TAISコード01166-000001 E-CORE35 1960x860x35

his mattress provides comfortable sleep when it is placed over the conventional mattress.

TAISコード01166-000002 E-CORE70 1960x860x70

This mattress can be used on special types of beds and conventional flat beds. This mattress is also light to carry.

TAISコード01166-000003 E-CORE110 1960x860x110

This is a type that can be used on conventional beds and on Tatami mats.

E-CORE's features

The outer layer of the mattress is a mesh-work of 100% polyester. Medical institutions use this mattress because of its cleanliness and pressure dispersion property. It can be used for special types of beds as well.

Mattresses for babies and children

t is well valuated for baby/children mattresses because of it's softness like sleeping in the air and cleanliness having a beneficial influence on anti-atopy.