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E-CORE: Environmentally friendly, New material with unlimited potential/3-D network structure cushion

About E-CORE

Eco-World's E-CORE, a 3-D network structure, is a new cushion material made of 3-D cross-linked stringy polyethylene resin. This material can be used in many ways, and it is being commercialized in many different areas. Currently, this material is especially used for making mattresses. The mattress can be used for relieving fatigue in athletes, for atopic children and people with back pain, and for pressure dispersion in nursing care and hospitals. The mattress structure that traps air provides a more comfortable sleeping environment than that provided by the conventional mattress. Moreover, the E-CORE mattress has significant properties such as dispersion of the right amount of bounce and body pressure. Thus, the concept of household mattress is significantly changing.

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E-CORE material growing globally through original equipment manufacturing(OEM)

E-CORE is already making a major impact overseas. We are seeking partners around the world, and we support each partner company with product development. We also supply 100% recyclable E-CORE material that meets the environmental standards, thereby creating new business in countries around the world.

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