E-CORE, 3-dimensional (3-D) structure, Eco-World, Cushion, Mattress

Characteristics of E-CORE mattress

Disperses body pressure smoothly

The network structure that traps air facilitates more comfortable sleep than the conventional urethane or spring-made mattress. This mattress disperses the pressure on the hips and the shoulders; therefore, the body does not sink into the mattress, thereby facilitating easy rollover during sleep and fatigue relief.

Outstanding Ventilation

he netted mattress maintains appropriate density while building layers of air. These air layers facilitate air circulation, thereby preventing moisture entrapment. Therefore, tick and fungus growth is inhibited .

Easy to sterilize and wash

t is made of polyethylene resin, which does not absorb water; therefore, it is easy to wash and dry it quickly. It is also possible to wash it with antiseptics such as alcohol.

Excellent durability

The resin structure with excellent elasticity makes it higher sag-resistant and durable than urethane.

Light weight for easy handling

The mattress is so light that one feels he/she is sleeping on air. This mattress can be carried by a woman all by herself.

Environmentally friendly and 100% recyclable

Polyethylene is an ecological material that is recyclable. We also provide recycle facilities. It is also combustible and emits no toxic gas.

Finish of craftsmanship

The finish of each mattress is performed with care. We provide a thorough quality control. Rest assured in our "MADE IN JAPAN" products.