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3-D network structure

What is the 3-D network structure?

E-CORE’s 3-D network structure is created by constructing various spring-coil-shaped resin push-molds and then fusing each resin mold. The resin can be used for various cushion materials, sound proof materials, insulation materials, and others by adjusting its type, shape, weight, and spring strength. Since its shape is well-maintained and is easily recycled, it is considered as a substitute for urethane. Cushion materials, in particular, are 100% recyclable because they are made of polyethylene, which is valued highly for its excellent permeability, ventilation, and pressure dispersibility.

Characteristics of the E-CORE 3-D structure

・This material is 100% recyclable.・It can be processed in various ways depending on the usage.・Polyethylene resin can be used for many applications,including cushions and hard plate-shape materials.

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Conceivable future use of the E-CORE 3-D Structure

・Cushion materials for seats of airplanes and automobiles・Sound-proof and impact-absorbing materials for floors and walls of apartment buildings.・Roof-top greening materials・Underwater reef materials・Purification and gardening materials・Other applications are also possible